January 7, 2017

May 30, 2016

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The passage of time in Venice, Italy

January 22, 2017


Passage of time in Italy


I visited the beautiful Museo Revoltella in Trieste, Italy. It is a modern art gallery now. It was founded in 1872 by Baron Pasquale Revoltella who later left his house along with all its contents to the city, located in Piazza Venezia of Trieste, (the square in Trieste was named after Venice) 


I am very happy to be living in Trieste for a couple of months before returning to Venice. I live a minute away from Piazza Venezia and have walked past Museo Revoltella several times without walking in. 


Today I did and it ended up being a much lovelier experience than I expected. 


The main building was designed by Friedrich Hitzig in 1858. The famous Carlo Scarpa reconstructed it in 1963 in his signature style. The roof opens to a garden giving you a wonderful view of the expanse of the sea. 




In addition to the works bequeathed, the Baron Revoltella,the city also acquired additional artworks over the years.


On permanent display today are about 350 paintings and sculptures. 


Stunning architectural features of Carlo Scarpa 


There were several paintings of places in Venice I recognised and I thought it would be interesting to place current photographs of these places next to these works. 



Enjoy :0)


San Trovaso, Venezia 


This is where gondolas are built. This place has special significance to me. There is a little house on the second floor, where you can see laundry hanging in this painting.


Many years ago, a beautiful woman rented that home. I am so proud to call her my grandmother-in-law. She is even more beautiful now and shares stories of her growing up in Venice. I can imagine her looking out of that very window.


 Painting by Raffaele Faccioli, 1800s

(sorry no specs!) 

San Trovaso, Venezia today  



2. Salute Church, Venezia 


Venice under the snow by Ippolito Caffi

Oil on canvas

44 x 63cm


Salute Church today along the Grand canal of Venice.  



3. Piazza San Marco, Venezia 

St Mark's - Venice by Angelo Inganni 

Oil on Canvas 

139 x 178.5cm



The clock if San Mark's Square today, full of tourists 



4. Lungomare, Venezia 

Morning on Giudecca by Guglielmo Cardi

Oil on canvas

86.5 x 158cm



Lungomare, Venezia today 




5. Burano Island, Venezia 

Fondamenta a Burano by Umberto Veruda 

Oil on canvas 

120 x 80cm 


Burano today. Please notice the oddly shaped pink building at the very center back of the painting, it is the same one in the painting!!!


6. Cafe Florian, San Marco, Venezia


Il caffè Florian nel '700 by Alessandro Milesi 

Oil on canvas 

100 x 80cm 



This painting was made of the famous Cafe Florian during the Venice carnival.  

Cafe Florian today 

Carnival at Cafe Florian today 



Somehow, going through this process of comparing then and now pictures of Venice made me rather emotional. Coming from Singapore, many of the places I grew up with have been replaced by shiny new buildings. 


When I head home to Singapore, I find myself going back to the places I am familiar with that haven't changed, just to take a walk down memory lane. I love Singapore incredibly and I always will. 


I have been living in Venice for 2 years now and I am beginning to feel connected to this city in a profound way. I can only imagine what it must feel like for Venetians.


How amazing to live in such a historic and magnificent city.







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